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PIR not created durning mass processing (MC8G) job

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We are transfering data from S076 to inactive PIR version for use in LTP using a job created in MC8G.

We have a few materials that are not transfering quantities. One in particular, has 2 plants, and only 1 transfers. The one that transfers is in the spool file created from the job, the other is not. After some debugging S076E has both the material/plants LISPLF only has one of the plants for the material.

What config or master data should I be reviewing to find the reason?



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Answers (1)

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1. For those materials which fails try to create the MD61 manually.

2. If it is not able to create then check if the material is created in the plant, with requried planning strategy

3. Also check if any material status prevents the same.