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Picking completed even without stock balance

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Hi All,

I created an OBD and 'TO' was alos created and I even confirmed TO. Now "Overall pick status" shows "fully picked" in VL03N. However Stock balance is still "zero". How is this possible? What could be the settings for this?

And why the status is fully picked when I do not have material physically at my warehouse?

Please also let me know how to stop creating TO if I donot have stock available



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Isn't it possible that the source storage type in your transfer order was a storage type for which negative stock is allowed (e.g. an interim storage type; V_T3010-NEGAT)? In this case system would allow minus quanity in that storage type - of course total WM stock can be zero.


storage type; stock

902; -10

916; +10

If the problem is really this, you can avoid this

- if you pick up the goods from the proper storage type

- if you change the settings of your storage type (disable "Allow negative stock" ofr normal storage type)

- apply availability check when you create the delivery (of course later, at the time of picking problem may occur but this is useful)

Please give feedback whether your problem was this.



Please be aware that there might be special scenarios, but I guess it is not relevant to you:

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