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Pick Pack Manager - change Priority

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I want to use the BP Priority field to assign a delivery run for a customer. 95% of the time the customers who own shops never change their delivery route therefore I can use the Pick /Pack Manager to create Picking lists for individual truck deliveries every day.

However, on the odd occasion, the customer changes their mind and has goods delivered to their home address/ thus a different truck and different Priority/Run.

I've tried using a FS to bring Priority / Run through to SO and changed but the Pick /Pack Manager pulls data from the BP Master and this didn't work.

We have Boyum to use if required.

Has anyone done this easily before or do I have to resort to either manual change or SDK???


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Hi Marylin,

As I understand you decided to use the Priority field because it is exposed in Pick&Pack? If this is the case I would try to use a field which is also exposed in the sales order, for instance the Shipping Type. In the order the Shipping Type is pulled from the BP master but you can change it for that one transaction, and in P&P it is pulled from the order and therefore would solve your issue.

However I understand you might use the Shipping Type already for something else.