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Pick and pack and effect of good receipts

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Hi All,

do I need to use pick and pack manager when implementing SAP B1 in our distribution company ?

We also consider to use good issue and good receipts that used to issue stock for sale to good in transit warehouse from main warehouse and/or branch warehouse . Good in transit warehouse is transportation unit like motor cycle or truck box. All of drivers and bikers are sales employees.

These are the plans:

Plan A

1. Sales / Marketing plans sales scheduling and issue a route document.

2. Warehouse administration staff checks document, create good issue and sales employees received it (give signature). The staff create good receipts

3. Sales / Marketing staff checks the receipts and create sales order

4. Warehouse staff use pick and pack manager before creating delivery notes.

5. Sales employees go out...

Plan B

1. Point 1 (plan A) performed and also creates Sales order

2. Whse staff uses pick and pack manager to check stock on hand and perform good issue, good receipts and delivery

3. Sales employee go outs

which one of the plan are betters and not overkill ?

Pls give me the best opinion and good answers. Tks a lot


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Without more detail on your Business Process, I'm hesitant to recommend one process over the other.

One thing I can say is that you should consider using the Inventory Transfer document to transfer goods between warehouses.

In your example, the item would be in the primary warehouse, the transfered to a "In Transit" warehouse via the Inventory Transfer document, then Delivered to the customer from the "In Transit" warehouse on the Delivery Note or A/R Invoice.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Rajh,

From what I could understand from your business process is that you would be better off using the Stock Transfer Form in order to transfer goods from Main WH/Branch WH to the intransit WH. Also tell me whether you are using Serial No. management ??? This helps better tracking of goods. You can actually choose which items to transfer between Warhouses using serial no. management. But unfortunately in Business one you cannot use Serial No. managenment along with pick and pack management. That is adraw back. When you are actually copying from the sales order to the Delivery document it is recommended to use pick and pack manager to create the delivery rather than the copy wizard. If only the pick and pack manager was supported for serial no. managment the functionality would have been complete.

Also you cannot create the Goods issue document from the pick and pack manager hence your second choice does not look feasible. Try going for the first choice and use stock transfer rather than the Goods issue /Goods Receipt to transfer stocks between warehouses.