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PI sheet & Controll recipe

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Hi all,

I am not knowing anything abt PI sheet & Controll recipe.

I only know that it is used in pro. ind.

can anyone explain or can give some links to learn fully?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Control recipe is used to send a proper destination or to the operator who has to input the data and confirm this action performed.

control recipe will be sent back to the process order and instructions with data will be available. when creating a process order, control recipe will be created, which will contain the process instruction.

To specify the PI that are to be generated in the processorder when control recipe is created for the control recipe destination.

There are 3 steps to be performed such as

1) Define control recipe destinations

2) Assign PI Categories

3) Set process instructions to be gerated automatically

) Basic steps in PP-PI:

(a) In the master recipe, process instructions are attached to the phases.

b) while creating a process order, the control recipe will be created, which will contain the process instruction.

c) control recipe will be sent to a proper destination and control recipe will be sent back to the process order and instructions with the data will be available

2) Define profile with default values

3) Assign Material Types

4) Define Recipe Status

5) Define Recipe Usage

6) Define Priority Sequence for auto recipe selection

7) Define Order types

😎 Define Order type Dependent parameter

9) Define Number Ranges

10) Process Managemnent

11) Transport Management charateristics

12) Transport Predifined Messages charateristics

13) Define & setup control recipe destination

14) Define process messages charateristics

15) Define & setup message destination

16) Define & setup process message charateristics

17) Define Process Instruction

These above configuration steps are compulsary maintained in the IMG activity.

you can refer this below link:



This link is very useful for PP-PI

Please let me know.


Mohan R

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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In control recipe destination the destination type must be browser based.Another is Abap based generally it is using.

So select that recipe destination, select phase & go in deatil u will find INSTR.READ1, READ2,SIGN which can used as a instruction.

There are two types 1:process sheet 2: remote fuction call (RFC)

Process sheet is used for giving instructions to line operator & also entering data during reaction etc per period.

For INSTR- select it give instruction for that particular phase.

READ1 - In which we are one column is available where we can enter 1 value by line opearator

READ2- Here 4 columns are available u can use it as date,time,temp,total etc. as per your requirement.

SIGN- Here u can use it as a to identify who entered the value.Systen will ask for pass word after entering ID

After creation & releasing process order create contriol recipe.

Thern go for T code- CO 53 - send control recipe(control recipe monitor)

CO60 - Operator will enter the values

CO54 - send process messages

CO55- Check the report.

There was a scenario with my client.

It was food industry, there was a operation called as retoting process. Where the seales packets are to be heated at about 120 c temp.for 45 mins.This process was very complecated and the recording of the process was very important from the point of expiry date.If any parameters failed that batch may fail & lot of loss to client.

So we made settings as below.

INSTR - Instruction to operator - Maintain temp at 120c for period of 45 mins

Check sealing of packet properly

READ 1- In lnlet temp of packet - ........... C

READ 2- DATE .............Time.............Start time......................Finish time..........

SIGN - Enter name of operator .........passward..........

I think this is helpful to u.Instructions are depends on company scenario. You can design as per your co.

So close the thread & reward points if useful.



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PI sheet is the process instruction sheets which are used to enter /maintain process control parameters in process industry.

Typical example are furnace temp. from X to Y deg

You can enter the PI sheet in sAP and the information can be sent to process control system if external also.

PI sheets information can be sent to Pro control systems via process messages.

You can also use PI sheet to make Goods receipts etc.,

how to create a PI sheets

Hi Harendra,

The following are the steps.

1. You have to create the PI instruction category in customising T code O12C

2. Create characteristics Ct04

3. Assign the characteristics to PI instr category O12C

4. While creating Master receipe, assign the PI instructions categories you want to use.

5. while order processing you have to fill the PI sheets in CO60 t code.

PS if you want to copy PI instructions by default in master receipe , define them in O10C transaction

Control receipes will contain the PI sheets.

once process order can contain one control receipe.