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physical inventory print using smart form

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Hi all,

we have a requirement of developing physical inventory print out while doing cycle counting using smart forms.

we will be using t code ME9K for the same.

Can you all suggest me which out type, smart form and driver program should be used for the same?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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ME9K is certainly not used to print physical inventory documents, they are printed with MI21 with program RM07IDRU and a sapscript form INVENT  (if you talk about physical inventory in inventory management), and this form is assigned to the program in transaction OMBU

the physical inventory document in WM is not even a form, it is just write statements in an ABAP.

SCMs eWM has a smartform as you can see in OSS Note 1405435 - Printing the physical inventory count document

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Thanks for the reply Jurgen.

But we have a requirement to use SMARTFORM with t code ME9K.

We want to trigger the physical inventory output using a output type where we can assign the SMARTFORM and the driver program.

If we can decide on the the output type and if there is no standard SMARTFORM, SAPSCRIPT can be used to copy and create SMARTFROM.

Please let us know which output type can be used to print the same.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Anjali,

Pls note below points :

-There is no standard output type provided for physical inventory document by sap, (for ex. NEU is for PO print, WE03 for GR like that..)

-There is no setting for physical inventory document print in NACE

-If you look into movement type, the print indicator is "blank" for mvt. type 701/702.

As told by Jurgan, it is to be done with MI21.

You need to work on the same.