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Photo HR Master Data

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Hi SAP guru's,

Please help me with the steps for uploading the employee pic in PA module in detail and also how can we upload pics in bulk?



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Here is a link to a site that shows both older and newer version...

up to 4.6c...

4.7 and higher...

In general (From the links above)...

Transaction code: SM31

Table T588J

IMG: Personnel Mangmnt --> Personnel Administration --> Customising User Interfaces --> Change Screen Header

If you’re following the IMG path, you must now choose activity ‘Infotype Header Definition’

Note, Header structure per infotype and Header modifier activities describe which header is to be shown at the top of each infotype. The enticing ‘Passport photo’ option determines whether HRICOLFOTO or HRIEMPFOTO is used. Choosing either option is fine as long as all your other settings relate to that entry as well.

In the example below, the picture has been placed in header modifier ‘91’, which corresponds to screen header ‘91’, which is linked to Infotype 0002. You can choose to disp

All you need to do is add an entry for PERNR with Filed Type ‘PIC’. Column 75 puts the picture on the right hand side. The IT column is used to decide where to take the ‘Field Name’ value from. For PERNR, all infotypes have this field.

Don’t forget to GENERATE the screen header again.

When you see the resultant Infotype display you can double click on the picture will bring up a ‘large’ version of it.



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Hi Garima,

You can use OAOH for uploading photo of employee, for mass upload you can check this one

You can find many threads regarding this in Forum.

Hope this will resolve your query.

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Hi Garima

Please find the configuration step by step

First we need to modify the screen header, to do the same access IMG  and follow the steps as shown in the below figure or directly access SM30 and maintain Table T588J

  1. 1.1 Now click New Entries and maintain the selected field as shown in the figure below
  1. 1.1.a To know the header modifier no: we need to check in PA 30 ( Employee Master Data) and select one header field of technical settings we can see a program name i.e /1PAPAXX/HDR_20092A

So here 02 Is your header modifier, so for 02 you need to make entries in the table as shown in the figure below

  1. 1.2 Now we need to access Transaction Code OAAD, Here we need to upload photo in R/3 ; Select the Field ” Store and Assign” as shown in the figure below
  2. 1.3 Now Enter the Business object as “PREL” and Document type as “HRICOLFOTO” and create

  1. 1.4 An pop up screen will appear to enter the Personnel Number  for whom the photo should appear
  2. 1.5 A Pop Screen will Trigger to choose an photo to upload as shown in the below figure

1.6  On Selecting the Photo an message will popup “ Stored Document created successfully”



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