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I am in Hr-PY 9.0. When Retro Payroll takes place the PF on retro wages are not cumulating to CRT /3f1. Only generating as /zf5 in RT. The Retro PF Need to add to CRT /3f1 How to do

Regarding to this issue there is a another problem, When executed the form12A(monthly pf

contribution) thru trxn PC00_M40_EPF for the current period,its not

picking up any retro pf amount for previous months deducted in current

month.If I run the same report for previous month,the retro amounts are

then considered.But payments to PF authorities are made on the monthly

actual deduction basis.

Any help on this matter from you all will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

EKP Yadav

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Pf Contributions are monthly contributions, based on the eligblity for that month.. If for an employee you have deducted PF of say 1000 in April 08 and there was some increase in salary, in feb 09 for April 08, because of which , an additionl deduction of 500 happens in Feb 09 for April 08, still the pf report shows for the month of April , the deduction as 1500.

This is normal.

Check the CRT for the original month. values there would have got updated. Dont check the month in which you have run retro.