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Pertner Detrmination for the Consignment Process

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Hello All,

Client have a consignment Agent in Hyderbad..Goods are sending to the Consignment agent through Consignment Fill up.

This agent sales the Product to the Other customer..

Here other customer is SHIP to Party and Payer.

Please suggest how to define this Pertner function..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Venkat,

When you will create Consignment fill up , that time your ship to party should be your Other customer location where you want to send the material and sold to party is your Other customer. At the Time of GR in your Agent Hydrabad location. (301 W) It shows Material is in your stock but in your Hydrabad Plant (Agent location). ( which get reserved for your Customer as special stock - W )

And when you creat Issue order At that time material will move to your customer location and your consignment stock get empty.

For partner determination : Sales & Dist - Basic Functions - Partner Determination - Set up Partner determination.

Fill the partner function SP,SH,PY,BP and then Click on account group function assignment.



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Hello can any body tell me the when Client sending goods to the consignment agent in an another state how that agent will recive the goods.Migo is not possible for the Consignment fill.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The basic thumb rule in consignment process is the manufacturer should know the end customer.  This means, both in consignment fill-up and consignment issue, the sold to party code should be same.

Having said this, while creating consignment fill up order itself, sold to party is decided.  Now tell me what exactly you need to change. 

G. Lakshmipathi

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Client have a consignment gaent at Hyderabad..In the recent Legacy system they are transfer the goods to the consignment agent and from there the client do the sales to the end customer.

So please suggest me how the consignemt agent will receve the goods and do the sales.

And most Important how should I maintain the Pertner function so that sold to party name should be consignment agent name under company logo and End Customer will be Ship to party and Payer.

Kindly suggest.



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For consignment sales process we have a patner function caller "SB" (spl stock agent) maintain this PF in sales document item level. In consignment sales process all the sales process like CF,Ci,CP,Consignment Returns will be done with the patner number of Spl stock agent or customer but not the end customer.

Thank you,