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Personnel number mandatory in service entry sheet


I am trying to post a service entry sheet for a product type service we purchased through the PO. But, while trying to create the service entry sheet using the app in fiori “Manage Service Entry Sheet - Lean Services”, the system is forcing to fill in the “personnel number field” even though we don’t have HR system in place.

I found this answer from a couple years back, but it doesn’t seem to explain if there is a resolution to make this field not mandatory and actually post the SES -

Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Can we make this field not mandatory? Is it connected maybe to the flexible workflow? Any help would be great..

The release we are having is S/4 HANA 2022.

Thanks for help

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So just an update for everyone in case someone is interested how to overcome this problem, also for goncalog (it might be helpful).

Essentially, we managed to overcome the blocking of Service entry sheet and mandatory "Personnel number" without HR system in place. What we did is that we placed in active an automatic workflow for service entry sheets. This essentially means that every service entry sheet will automatically be approved (at least this is fine for our business). For this, we followed this note - 2986555 - Manage workflows for lean services error: There are currently no scenarios available - SAP...

After the automatic workflow has been setup, the "personnel number" field was no longer present in the SeS, and it wasn't blocking the creation of the service entry sheet.