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Personnel number mandatory in service entry sheet


I am trying to post a service entry sheet for a product type service we purchased through the PO. But, while trying to create the service entry sheet using the app in fiori “Manage Service Entry Sheet - Lean Services”, the system is forcing to fill in the “personnel number field” even though we don’t have HR system in place.

I found this answer from a couple years back, but it doesn’t seem to explain if there is a resolution to make this field not mandatory and actually post the SES -

Does anyone know if there is a way around this? Can we make this field not mandatory? Is it connected maybe to the flexible workflow? Any help would be great..

The release we are having is S/4 HANA 2022.

Thanks for help

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Hey Aleksa,

We´re on prem 2022 now and have needed to set up HR/BPs for employees in order to use newer FIORI APPs, in particular SESs.

Flexible WF also demands the usage of HR.

As far as I understood it it´s a new way to go for SAP in terms of making it more user centric (as each user can have a larger set of attributes in HR other than a regular system classic user.

All the best,

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Hello Goncalo,

Thanks for your answer. So it seems that there isn’t a way around it - HR system is mandatory for the usage of SeS in S4 on premise, correct?

There isn’t a way to “hide” the field or make a flexible workflow for SeS to just be for automatic approval? (I read that personnel number is related to the approver, so maybe having the approval happen automatically can overcome the need of number)…