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Personnel Development/Personnel Administration

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We have integration turned on. However, if a change is made to the text for a position, organization, or job, no new IT0001 is created to reflect the change in text. Is it possible to change the configuration in order that a new IT0001 is created for this text change? If so, where in configuration.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In order system to create a new record in IT0001 when position description is changed in V_T77S0

PLOGI SPLIT Integration: New IT 0001 record at name change

should have value X.

In case "Value abrr"=blank than no record in IT0001, will be created when position description in changed.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Also note:

If this parameter is set (value 'X'), and you change the description of

jobs, positions or organizational units, new infotype 0001 records for

the personnel numbers concerned are created on the date of the

change(s). This means that the system will always display the up-to-date

descriptions of named objects, both in Personnel Administration

transactions and in evaluations on persons.

If the description of an object is changed on a particular date (from

release 4.5 onwards, this is done in Organizational Management by

copying a record from infotype 1000, "object"), the system first

establishes which personnel numbers are affected by this, and marks them

internally. Then, you should use report RHINTE30 (parameter "Open

personnel numbers only") to create a batch input session. Once this

session has been processed, new infotype 0001 records for the person(s)

concerned are created.

If the field PLOGI SPLIT is empty, the system only creates new infotype

0001 records if the assignment itself (that is, the number of the

position, job or organizational unit) changes.