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personnel action

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Dear All

what is the personnel action top be run after an employee returns from educational leave.Also i need

all those actions which is run in real time scenarios.



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Personnel action : A gorup of infotypes executing sequietially one by one in order to make one particular action ,

example Hiring Action


Step 1: Actions

Menu path:


Sap ref img

 Personnel management

Personnel administration

 Customizing procedures

 Actions

Define info groups

 Select 1st option user group dependency on menus and user groups

 Go to choose option

Ex: Goto new entries

Menu text reaction ref

24 hire cv 70

 Goto save

Next go back

 Select 3rd option

Step 2: Info groups

Menu path:

 it is asking for info group

 goto search option

 u have to search for u r menu name( our menu name is 24 hire cv

 select 24 hire cv

 goto copy option (tick mark)

 after goto continue option (this is also tick mark)

 table will coming

 table name: change viewu201D info group u201C: overview


In that u has to select user group any no:

Ex: 01,02,03,20 any thing u has to select

2: info group mod: already we have created the name

24 hire cv

In that we have to change the name only like ex:

24 hiring cv

3. No: u has to select the serial nou2019s like ex: 01, 01 and 24

4. Operation: first goto search option (in that only)

In that many options r there u have select only INS (create).

5. after that info type:

Goto search option (in that only)

In that u have selected any of info types (depend upon

Company requirements u has to select it.

6. after that just click on the enter button(in that info type text is coming)

7. U have to create 2 or 4 depend upon the company.

8. goto save


User group infogroupmod no operation info type

00 hiring CV 01 INS (create) 0001

01 hiring CV 02 INS (create) 0002

 Go back

Step 3: Setup personnel actions

Menu path:

Select 2nd option

 Personnel action types (in that copy of any 2 or 3 rows)

 Goto copy as option (this option is like a combination of 2 papers)

 Just change the action no: 01, and change the name of action type: hiring CV

After that many options r there donu2019t touch with other options

 U has to change only

 In that select our menu

Our menu name is:

24 hire cv

 Select that one ( 24 hire CV)

 Goto save option


Action name of action type f.. Cus.. EMP... ig

56 hire 1 1 1 70

57 hire CV 1 1 1 70

Go back

Step 4: Select create reason for action

Menu path:

 Select any of 2 or 3 rows

 Goto copy as option

In that u have to change the u201CAction and Name of action typeu201D

Click it enter option

Go to save

Ex: action name of action type act reason reason foraction

68 hiring applicant 01 expansion

68 hiring applicant 02 promotions

68 hiring applicant 03 expansion

 Go back


Step 5: Change action menu

Menu path:

 Select 2nd one action menu

 Goto choose option

In that it is asking the menu name: u have to select 01 (always)

 table: change viewu201D action menuu201D overview

In that donu2019t make any changes: only u have change action option

 Select action: got o search u have to select u r menu name

It is 01 Actions

It is a standard action, always u has to select 01 action

 select that one

 just click on enter

 goto save option


user group no action name of action type

10 01 24 hiring cv

10 02 24 hiring cv

10 03 24 hiring cv

 Goto save option

Step 6: user profile

Menu path:

After that goto menu bar

Table view edits goto selection systems

These options r there u have to select the systems

 Go to systems option

 Select user profile

 Own data

In that screen select the parameters create the user group


User group text

User group 70

 goto save option

(In that down one caption is coming:

U r user name is locked sap user) if this is the message will coming, u r process will correct)

Rupa Prasad

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thanks to all for quick response.



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You have to define absence types and have to valuate them in payroll. Assignment to different payroll area is in question as in the midf of the month you cant change the payroll area.

Depending on the employment Status and Customer status you can have actions as per your requirement . Only thing is to map the employment status.

Return From Educational Leave can be designed.

Actions depends up on the requirement of the clients. Scenarios may differe from Client to client.


Kapil Kaushal

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when an employee goes to the Eucation leave does the client wil pay his salary or not

if he is not getting any salary than u have to configure an action where the employee Pay roll has to be stopped

ex-Chage the Pay roll area of the employee from regular to iregular

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elaborate your quesion

Rupa Prasad

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You have an action something like Stop Pay where in the employee will be paid when he/she goes on Education Leave or you can start of inactive absence ( you create leave of absence ) when an employee goes for education leave

In real time you can have


(some companies will have prehire also)

prehire is done when an employee accepts the offer letter once the boards they will run the hiring action it can called as additional hiring where they change the non paying payroll area to payroll area and some other infotypes which are relavant to the company and country

Transfers with and without compensation change

Compensation changes





International Assignment (start and return)

Start of inactive absence for long term leave

etc etc

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What was the action you executed when employee left for educational leave and what is employement status now?