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hi all

We are starting to have issues with employees being rehired & terminated more than once.

This is an issue because during the PA40 actions (so far "rehire" and "termination") - IT0041 is not wanting to accept ADDITIONAL rehire dates or termination dates if there is already a date that has been populated once

During the rehire process, when IT0041 comes up, it says "Date type 42 already exists".

what can be the reason for this? we still need all the rehire dates for historical purposes.

all replys are welcome and points will be awarded.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Swetha,

I am going through the same issue now? How did you fix this issue? Could you please send me any document if you have to fix this problem. its a kind of urgent.

I appreciate if you could help me in solving this issue on multiple rehires and terminations.



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Hi Swetha

Please check table V_T582A 'Infotype attributes (Customizing)', if the time constraint for an infotype 0041 is set to value 'B'? If so, This means that the infotype 41 may only exist exactly once from January 1, 1800, to December 31, 9999. Hence it is a standard behaviour of the system as the system prevents one from entering a begin date or an end date for this infotype record.

Hope it can answer your concern.



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thanks i checked that and the time constraint is 2 , so i guess it is not recommended to change the time constraint for the date type infotype 41 cause it might affect some where else

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Per this <a href="">SAP Help</a> IT 0041 can have a Time Constraint 3.