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period control in asset accounting

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Dear Team,

I am facing problem in the depreciation report with below scenario

An asset is acquired on 01.04.2020. This asset is capitalized on 01.04.2020, However, when I see the depreciation in the AWO1N.

1st quarter not displaying in the report, it's started form the 4th-period directly, my fiscal year start from 01.04.2020 to 31.04.2020. 3 periods are missing not showing in the report.

in AFAMP- acquisition period is selected at the start of the year only

depreciation start form the 4th period with the accumulated amount, then form the 5th-period normal depreciation is showing.

in OAYR- also I selected monthly posting only

KINDLY suggest what changes need to resolve this problem

guide with procedures

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Hi - would you please share some screen shots of the deprecation area of the asset master and the depreciation key settings?

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Dear Prasad,

You posted an asset in April, depreciation is calculated from start of the year as you wish, and next depreciation posting run is in April. Therefore in April the total amount Jan-April will be posted. This is how system behaves so I can't see anything wrong.


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there is no past for a new asset, there is no data in aa

depreciation tables for previously posted months. normal system behawior.