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Hello there!

In the Netherlands we use mainly keyboards with US International layout. And our decimal seperator is a comma.

For input of ammounts and value's SAP B1 users use the numeric pad on the keyboard, but unfortunately the period/del key, which is used as decimal separator does not give a comma in SAP like it does in MS programs like calc or excel.

There are a few options, like remapping the key in the registry, but then it is remapped for all users and all programs, and this is not preferable. Or setting the decimal separator as period within SAP, but some addons will not run properly this way.

Now I have this great idea: why not create a small add-on that runs in the background with SAP that catches the period/del key when pressed, and returns a comma. Wouldn't that be a great sollution?!?

Now I have very little programming experience (VB) but certainly not enough to create such an add-on, but I would like to give it a try.

Would any of you guys (and girls of course) be so kind to help me a little bit and give me some hints, tips and/or info to get me started?

I would be very greatful, and so would a lot of my customers!

With best regards!

Andy Grootens

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did u try in SAP Administration -> System Initialization -> General settings --> Display(tab)



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