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Per diem on one-day multidestination trip

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Hi All,

Does anyone has a suggestion to how to address the following issue:

1. The requirement is: when there is one day trip with multiple destinations, employee should receive per diem reimbursment  as per the amount of the latest destination on that day - only one per diem, and taken for the last destination on that day. Let´s say employee goes first to France and then at the same day flighs to Germany - he should receive for that day one per diem, with the amount for Germany.

2. Currently the system is configured for calendar day reimbursment - no matter if the employee is on a trip one or two hours, he receives the whole amount. There is no scaling.

3. The multiple destinations are handled via Additional destination functionality.

Doeas anyone know how to solve it?

I have found one post about exactly the same matter, it´s not answered however (Thread 1681089)

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Emilia,

Do you have a solution to the above point 1?