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PDM versus ECC

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I would like to understand "field" consequences of our company's idea (not implemented yet) of using the following triangle: ECC (Sap MM and SD) + PDM + SRM.

Today, as the main supplier (trading and logistics) for several customers ouf ours, we manage products catalog directly and manually on our customer's SRM system (Sap) in addition to managing it in our own Sap.

Now we would like to move to a situation where PDM (Sap) system becomes a part of our relation with customers.

What does it would mean for us if the three became available?

Is there any overlap between PDM and ECC? If yes, does it concern master data or features?

What system should become the entry point for material ID and creation: our Sap, PDM or SRM?

Could we manage in a centralized way the material database from one of the system? What type of communication would be involved (ALE, other?) in case of a positive answer to my question?

I need to clarify system and functional architecture of such solution.

Could you share with me your actual experience or book knowledge on this topic?

Maybe you know of any pragmatic documentation (no Sap's marketing material or on-line help, please!) which would help me to better feel the situation.

I am a long-time MM and SD practitioner.

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Hi Krason

I am not sure if some one actually uses both PDM and MM please can you explain if it already is there or you guys are planning to implement the same and do you plan to continue all 3 or let go of MM/PDM ..

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Hi Vk,

PDM is only planned to be implemented. We will be maintaining trading goods material master data as PDM catalogue (ID, description, attachements such as plans, drawings, sales price, preferred supplier).

Today we maintain manually these data in our own ECC system and in an existing SRM application.

As of today our 3 major customers (98% of our sales) this SRM application where they make reservations for required products.

When firmed these reservations trigger already today the creation (text flat file interface) of sales order in our own ECC (Sap) system.

Tomorrow we would like to manage product master in only one system. Which one would be the best?

What type of connection (both functionaly and technicaly speaking) between ECC, PDM and SRM would then be necessary?

One of the difficulties for me is to understand what actually Sap's commercial expression "PDM" means?

Is it just a specific way of re-using ECC elements such as material master?

We do not need to integrate with CAD systems as we are only logistic services provider (purchasing and procuring materials, managing storage locations) and product reseller (with markup fee).