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pcr for ot

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hi legends,

can anybody help pertaining pcr for overtime and loss of pay

points will be awarded

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Answers (2)

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can u explain it some wht clear

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The overtime is loaded in which infotype .If it uploaded in infotype 15 for eg.You can write a rule and attached to schema znap(copy of inap). You can write a rule as follows

1) * (for emp grouping)


addwt ot (if it any other wage type just pass it to output table)

zovt( it is ot wage type)

num= zovt (what is ot hrs stored )

amt = 10 ( consider it is amt for 1 hr)

multi ana ( it multiples amt * no and pushes the result to the amt field)

addwt *

hope this help u

and for lop ,for what scenario u need to write the rule


Prince Elvis

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Example told by prince is very good

a small suggestion i just want to add to it...

pls dont hard core or maintain the amount in rule itself

instead use constant table which is date specific to maintain amount or anything specific and call the constant in the rule