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Payroll Run

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Hi Gurus

can anybody tell me If we run Payroll for whole employees at the end of the month what is the process and what is the settings do we need in Simulation?where should we choose all employee numbers?

Thanks & Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi LB,

The process to run payroll for whole set of employees is very traight if they belong to same payroll area.

First lets talk about setting part:

You have created payroll area, then generated payroll periods. Create control record.

After all these once all master data created for the employees and then at month end when you want to run the payroll, Just go to Tcode PA03 and set the status of control record to Release for payroll or you can run tcode PC00_M99_PA03_RELEA which will set the control record in release Payroll status.

Then go to payroll driverand enter the payroll area and schema for your country version or if you have created one by copying the standard. check the variant for Rem Statement and execute the payroll.

Payroll Driver by its own select the whole population for that Payroll Area (PA0001-ABKRS)

If you need to run for specific population like some employees errored out and after correcting master data you want to run the payroll for them, then enter the PERNR's in Personnel Number field on Payroll Driver selection screen. You can click on arrow button (multiple selection) where you can mention individual ID's or Range.

After completeing the payroll you will run pre DME and DME programs for printing check and rem statement and before doing this set your control record status through PA03 in exit state.

Run FI posting (RPCIPE00) and once error free documents corrected post the doocument from PCP0

Run 3rd party posting for that

first run 3PR Evaluation Run (RPURMU00)

Secondly run 3PR Posting run (RPURMPK0)

Display Documets - RPCIPS00

this will complete the whole process for your Regular payroll run.

Hope this will help



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Hi Guds Thank you very much

I understood now.Then I can go through now.

Thanks a lot

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Check ur Control Record

first in tcode PA03 and set the status according that

later after maintaing the master data

check the simulation run if it is ok

go for live run at this point the control record shd be in release mode

after running live

Check with fico posting run simulation first go to se38 RPCIPE00 or PC00_M99_CIPE

than run the simulation fi it is error free

post the document to fico form the tcode PCP0

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1.Payroll is run based on the payroll area

2.Payroll area is the criteria for Payment date and is configured right

3.Run the Payroll for a small payroll area in simulation ,or select some employees with different scenarios with in the Payroll area. as in simulation u always run in Log , check the Log . Check the output calculation and go ahead with Actual run


Hemant V. Mahale

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In simulation or in Regular payroll process in the employees are selected according to the Payroll area only.

The selection of employees is done only when you want to run payroll for some employees for some special reason.

Then go to personnel number and click the arrow besides it and you wil see a window where you can give a range or select pernrs