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Payroll processing for Mid month Joinees and Separated Employees

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Hi Folks,

I have the following queries with regard to separation and Joining.

1.In Legacy , people who are joining after 17 of the current month is getting paid in the next month. Our Payroll Period is from 1 to 31st . Is it possible to stop Payment for people who are joining after 17th of the current month and Pay them in the subsequent month.

2.In legacy usually the Settlement happens in the subsequent month of Separation. Say if a employee resigns on April, he will get his full and Final settlement in the month of May or june. For a separated employee is it possible to make payment in the subsequent months.



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Answers (2)

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For point no 1, yes its possibel. and there are multiplt ways to that. like lock the employee in payroll status infotype, or write a rule where in check the DOJ of the employee, and if employee joins after 17th, reject the payroll for that employee

For point no 2, yes you can process later also, but ensure that payroll gets processes in that financial year itself.

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hi space

very good explanation

could u explain how to write a rule and wherer do we insert the rule plz

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for ur 2nd query yes

make a pay roll area for inactive employee employee and try