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Payroll Posting Error

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Hi all;

While doing a payroll posting for a particular employee I am getting the following Error:

Posting Balance is not created:01/04/2006

Actually payroll is running a retro wef:01/04/2006. Can any one give a clue for the possible error.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I guess there is some prob with the question...can you please confirm that you are getting following error


1. Posting Balance is not created:01/04/2006


2. Posting Balance is not cleared:01/04/2006

because the second is very common error people face during psoting when retro is run..

so wht is urs prob....err msg 1..or 2...??

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Yes the error message is Posting Balance is not cleared:01/04/2006 . Can you pl. help with the possible changes that i need to make.

Thanks ,


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Hi Dinesh,

Kindly go through following point . Hope it helps you..

<b>SOME CHECKS : -</b>

1. Related configuration is done for wage type and symbolic account.

some of the wage type to symbolic account mapping may be missing.

The wage types should be assigned to appropriate balance sheet, or expense accounts.

2. Check whether Symbolic account has been attached to expense account with respective posting keys.

<b>**** V. Imp *****</b>

3. The error is because the amount in expense account and balance sheet account is not balanced.

Even if each wage type has been assigned to a G/L account through a symbolic account,

the posting balance will not get cleared if the Expense & Balance Sheet accounts do not balance.

<b>**** V. Imp *****</b>

4. Wage types /551 and /552 must not post to any G/L account.

The retro run affects the respective G/L accounts when doing posting.

The /551 and /552 wage types must be posted to a clearing account which will be created by FI Consultant.

The retro amounts will be posted to this clearing account.

Ensure that /551 and /552 are posting to the same clearing account as these wage types have a -ve and +ve hance clearing the GL account.

REFERENCE NOTE :- Check SAP note number 179655

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