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Payroll Outsourcing

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Hello All

Can any of you explain me what is the use of Payroll Outsourcing infotype 0491.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The Payroll Outsourcing functionality allows you to create data in an electronic file and send that data to a third-party payroll service provider for processing. The Outsourcing menu appears on the Payroll screen, allowing you to create and prepare the electronic file you need to transmit to your third-party payroll service provider.

The Payroll Outsourcing software allows you to send Gross Payroll or employee Master Data information or both to your third-party payroll service provider. The service provider translates values, creates a file, calculates the tax and benefit deductions, prints the payroll checks, and returns the payroll and wage-type information to the SAP system electronically for updating Financial and Controlling figures.

You can decide if you want to export gross payroll, master data only, or a combination of the two. Then you can decide whether or not to import the payroll results from the third-party payroll service provider. If you are using the gross payroll or combined payroll outsourcing and you decide that you want to receive the payroll results from the third-party service provider, you can choose to either import payroll results directly into Finance and Controlling or import the payroll results into HR for reconciliation before transferring the data into Finance and Controlling. If you send only master data to the third party service provider, you can import payroll results only into Finance and Controlling.

For basic payroll outsourcing, you must determine whether your company uses Master Data or Gross Payroll or Combined Payroll to follow the proper instructions.

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