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Hi Experts,

I want to know what is difference between payroll schema and payroll driver. what transaction use to see payroll driver. Thanks in advance

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Payroll Schema is analogous to "Conducter" to the "Payroll Driver". The former gives directions to execute payroll to the latter.

- Akhil

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Payroll Driver:

Each country payroll version supported by SAP has a program called the "payroll driver" that calculates payrolls. For example, in the U.S., the payroll driver is RPCALCU0, in Mexico it is HMXCALC0, and in Canada RPCALCK0.

Each one is different, but they share a common core of functionality. The job of the payroll driver is to process payroll functions as specified in a payroll schema. These payroll functions each perform a specific job, for example - reading data from infotypes, calculating taxes, and processing wage types. Some functions process payroll rules. Rules are a collection of payroll operations. Each operation does a small unit of work, such as multiplying a wage typeu2019s number by a rate to get an amount.

Schemas are edited with transaction PE01.

Payroll Schema:

Payroll schemas and rules are the bridge between HR Master Data and Payroll results. Creating that bridge is similar to writing programs and performing table configuration. Rules and schemas can be a confusing process for those who are not familiar with the concepts. Configured correctly, they can lead to a stable payroll calculation. Done incorrectly, they can produce difficult errors. In the first article of a two-part series, the author illustrates the basic principles of the payroll schema and rule process with the example of a cost of living allowance

Good luck


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You can understand the payroll driver as a rule parser for the payroll schema.The schema is a sequence of rules and steps that it will execute to calculate the payroll result.

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Hi MJ,

The Payroll is based on an international payroll driver. This payroll driver was modified for each country. The country-specific payroll drivers take the statutory and administrative regulations of a country into account. Since the payroll driver has a modular structure, you can use the Customizing functions to quickly modify the payroll procedure to meet the particular requirements of your enterprise.

When you access Payroll, the payroll driver calls the accompanying payroll schema, which consists of a sequence of functions. For each activity, the individual functions import data from internal tables and payroll relevant files. Schemas define the basic process of payroll.


Driver: RPCALCx0 Schema: x000 for International Payroll

Driver: RPCALCU0 Schema: U000 for US Payroll

Driver: RPCALCG0 Schema: G000 for GB(UK) Payroll

Use SE38 to run Payroll Driver and PE01 to view/edit Payroll Schema.