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Payroll data collect

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I'm not familiar with HR.

Anybody knows which table used to store the data from PA30 such as claims which not yet posted to FI ?

and which table stored data that already posted in FI ?

How to differentiate the data just saved using PA30, and which data already posted to FI through PC00_M99_CIPE and PCP0 ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The data will get stored in Cluster which are intrnal tables PCL2

and the data which is in PA30 i mean in the infotypes are uncommuted data and the data which you want in RPCIPE00 will get from RT clusters and those are Commuted data

If u want to compare the data in the master data and from RPCIPE00

Check the ADHOCQUERY and pull the data form the infotypes and for evaluated results check report PC00_M99_CWTR

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