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Payroll Constants view V_T511K

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I need to use payroll contant TRUGT in Payroll Constants view V_T511K. I need to use a non-zero value. Has anyone else used payroll constant TRUGT? If so, what value should be used and why?


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As with many other constants that act as "switches", the standard values are "0" or "Blank" for inactive, and "1" for active.

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Kindly review the note 1279102-Year End 2008 Phase III for U.S. Tax Reporter


In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a new tax type (84) has been

introduced as of this year. Per federal requirements, amounts in

this tax type are not reported on Form W-2. Nonetheless, if

customers wish to report it for Upper Gwynedd, they may do so by

defining the value of payroll constant TRUGT as 1. (This

definition occurs in Payroll Constants table T511K.)


This configuration constant is applicable only for the Upper

Gwynedd Township tax authority. Therefore, Form W-2 will only

display this amount if the employee belongs to this authority and

if the value of payroll constant TRUGT is defined in the system

as 1.

There is no configuration or code in the standard to report tax

type 84 for other townships and no further development for tax

reporting is expected in this area.


With Regards,