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Payroll Area change won't save on IT0001

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Hi - we have a situation where we need to change the payroll area for an employee on infotype 0001. We can copy a new IT0001 using PA30, or generate a new IT0001 with a change of position action using PA40, but in either case it won't save a new payroll area. It keeps popping the old value into the field. I understand all about not being able to change the payroll area after payroll has run, etc. This isn't that. If I hire a brand new test employee who has never had payroll run it still won't save any updates to the payroll area field on IT0001. I know it isn't re-pulling the default from feature ABKRS because I changed and re-activated ABKRS with a different value after initial creation and it still is popping back in the original payroll area value. It just won't save any changes to payroll area no matter how we try it. It lets us type in changes, but won't save. Any idea what might be driving this behavior?


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Please check your configuration for the Positions, since the Payroll Accounting Area should be linked to each one of them.

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I'm also facing same issue. I tried with feature DFINF does not work.

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I am guessing you did not realize this post/thread is from 2009 and with a user name like "HELPDESK HELPDESK", you can expect a lot of help (sarcasm).