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Paymentrun - "PAYMODE" Interface (Bank of America)

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Hello SAPiens,

before going in details: has anybody in this forum experience with an interface (outgoing payments) to Bank of Amerika's Paymode software?

One of my clients wants to use the software, but as far as I can see it is not possible without ABAP-programming and extension of the LFA1-or LFBK-table. Paymode is not an ACH-system and uses a "paymodeID" instead of accountnr/bankkey.

Because of a huge number of companies on the system we want to avoid individual solutions (reports & interfaces) as far as we can. My (our) goal is to stay in SAP-standard.

Any hint or comment is highly appreciated.

Best Regards


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If the only difference for this Paymode ID is the layout you can use PMW. Using PMW you can create your own format and logic using the DME tree in transaction DME. You can use your function modules as well to retrieve the information and fill the fields of the file.



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Did you ever implement this?

We have this requirement now, and I was wondering if you were forced to use ABAP programming or was there something standard in SAP that you could leverage?