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Payment Terms

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Hi all,

I have one issue with the payment terms.

My Client wants a PT has to be created with 3 installments

1) 10% Advance Against PO

2) 80% payment on Invoice within 60 Days.

3) 10% Retention will be payable after 1 year.

So i have created one parent payment term code and 3 installment payment term codes and grouped all all together.

With this system only spilits the MIRO invoice into 3 parts, but all these line items will posted to one recon account (Recon acc for Trade Vendors). But unfortunately SAP doesn't know that advance is already paid and retention amount should be kept under retention recon account.

So when i open the vendor ledger, it shows one SPL GL line item for advance, 3 invoice line items.

But my client wants to clear the first line item of invoice (10% amount) to be cleared automatically when he makes the MIRO and the third line item of invoice (10% amount) to be transferred to retention control account itself.

Can we adequete this requirement through FI module?

Some where i heard these down payments can be adjusted at the time of PO itself with condition types, but i have no idea regarding those configurations.

Someone kindly reply ASAP..



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Answers (1)

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I have got such information, if you are working on ECC6 SR4(Eh4), Advance payment and retention is very useful for you satuation. If you are not working on it, you can suggest import the enhancement package, else you will be pain.

Flex Yang