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Payment terms- installment payments

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how can i exaclty use installment payment in payments terms, it gives me the below msg.

Breakdown into installment payments not possible for item 001

I am trying test retainge for an invoice , so it should brekup the line item depending on the criteria of the installment.

please let me know,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In case of Instalment payment terms plse follow the procedure mentioned below.

1.Define the payment term by activiting the instalemnt indicator without specifing any discounts rates etc.

2.Then go to the Instalment step and fill the columns in the first column as your payment term define above based on your no of instalments

for example u have 4 instalments give the payment term defined above four times and

in the second column your instlment number like 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th etc.

in the third column percentage in that instment let say 40%,20%,20%,20%.

In the fourth column you assign the normal payment term.

Plse note that you can assign separate payment term for each instalment and can get discount accordingly by specifyng the discount rates.

try this it work.if not plse let me know.Assign points if it is useful.

with regds


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hi ,

i only see 3 payments terms steps in payments terms section , is there something i am missing ,please let me know,


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Go to tcode OBB9

Click New entries

Sample Example:

Terms of pmt - 0009; Inst:1; Percent: 30; Pmt term: 0001

Terms of pmt - 0009; Inst:2; Percent: 40; Pmt term: 0001

Terms of pmt - 0009; Inst:3; Percent: 30; Pmt term: 0001


Metion the terms of pmt i.e. 0009 (in our e.g) in vendor master - Payment terms.

Please assign points



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