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Payment terms Configuration

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I have requirement for Payment terms which is mentioned below

       Term       Percentage           Days

In OBB8 (Payment terms) we can able to define two slabs (percentages), where as for the third slab no option available..

Requesting you people to give me solution how do we configure the above.

Thanks in Advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Hiri,

With regard to the reported query, please note that only two fields are
designed for Cash Discount Percentage Rate in system table T052: ZPRZ1
and ZPRZ2.  So, in the standard system you cannot add additional fields
in the transaction OBB8.

Maybe you could check the option of using Terms of Payment for
Instalment Payments (transaction OBB9).

Terms of payment for instalment payments are made up of individual
terms of payment. An individual payment term can be assigned to each
instalment. When you post an instalment payment, the total amount is
split up into individual items for each instalment and each instalment
is calculated with the relevant payment term. For more information on
maintaining terms of payment, refer to the Implementation Guide for
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

The terms of payment key can determine the following:

-The valid cash discount rate for an individual payment with a maximum
  of 3 payment terms (first cash discount period, second cash discount
  period, and due date for net payment) and also a baseline date for the payment
-The terms of payment for instalment payments.

You define the following for the terms of payment key for instalment payments:
- Sequential number of the instalment
- Percentage rate for the instalment
- New terms of payment key for the instalment item

The percentage rates you specify must total 100%.

The following instalment terms are predefined: NT30 (30 days net), NT60
(60 days net), NT90 (90 days net).

Instalment terms of payment

RT01   1   30%   NT30
RT01   2   30%   NT60
RT01   3   40%   NT90

You enter the following document line items:

Line items
Amount  Baseline date  Terms of payment  Days 1  Percent. 1
1.000   01.05.95       RT01              0       0

When you post, the system automatically creates the following three

Amount  Baseline date  Terms of payment  Days 1  Percent. 1
300     01.05.95       NT30              30      0
300     01.05.95       NT60              60      0
400     01.05.95       NT90              90      0

I hope you find this information helpful.

Best Regards,
Jose Luis Carbajo

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Hi Jose,

Good Morning,

Thanks for your reply..

I have already tried the same and explained to user, but user does not want to split the invoice in to the portions as it gives the more line items for single invoice.

Kindly suggest me some other alternate solution.



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