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Payment term

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Hello experts,

Need your suggestion on how to achieve the below requirement in SAP and how the process would work as a result. This need to integrate with FI too

1. Customer pays 30% as advance

2. 60% at the time of shipment

3. 10% after receipt of goods

Your help would be rewarded with points.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is a installment payment term functionality. Its SAP standard functionality.

IMG task Define Terms of Payment for Installment payments

It will meet your requirement.



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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create four payment terms

first payment term as an Instalment payment term ( say 'A')

Second as normal payment term for 30 % with due date as you like ( say 'X' )

third as normal payment term for 60% with due date as you like ( say 'Y')

fourth as normal payment term for 10% with due date as you like ( say 'Z' )

Now in OBB9, attach these normal three payment terms to Instalment payment term like

A 1st instalment 30% to X

A 2nd instalment 60% to Y

A 3rd instalment 10% to Z

hope this is helpful


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Hello all,

Thanks for your responses. But it would be more helpful if we can walk thru the process as Zaid did. His explanation was based on FI side but I would like the same on SD side. Could you help?

At the time of order, the customer pays 30% and we need to send an invoice (proforma is fine) immediately. Likewise, we need separate invoice for each installment and the final invoice should show only the pending amount.

Also, is it possible to block the process at each stage of installment with an override function as in credit management. The whole process need not be achieved using payment terms it could be any other custom solution.



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Hello you could use down payment.

Example of down payment, below example is dealing with 2 steps, you could probably use residual item to get the 3rd split.

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Down payment 3000

Final Invoice 10,000


Invoice to Customer for Down payment: F-37. This is a noted item and there is only one line item in the document. If you want to handle this thru SD, then you should ask SD consultant to configure a billing plan in the sales order.

Noted item 3000

When you receive the check from the customer F-29 and you can clear the open down payment request.

Dr. Bank 3000

Cr. Customer (special gl indicator A) 3000

When you finally bill the customer for full invoice,

Dr. Customer 10000

Cr Revenue 10000

Clear Down payment:

F-32, clears the 3000 against 10000 and makes the open item 7000.

Final payment form customer 7000

Dr. Bank 7000

Cr. Customer 7000