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Payment Run, choosing a default bank

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In an effort to utilize SAP more efficiently, my organization has started using payment runs rather than spending a large amount of time creating new outgoing checks.  The only problem with this, is that each time we do a new payment run, the default bank that is selected is not the bank which we issue checks out of.

Has anyone experienced this?  Has anyone found a way to change the default bank?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Andrew,

Adding to the comments of Marlene, I would request you to go through the case document

< 1646697 - For automatically created Outgoing Payments the wrong House Bank Account is allocated.>

This should explain the reason for the bank account selection.


Lokesh Sharma

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Hi Andrew

Have you checked, that your bank account allows checks as payment method? Also the balances and the limits are considered. If this is as required, you can actively configure the sequence the bank accounts should be used.

Please go to Business Configuration -> Activity List -> Fine Tuning and search for "Global Settings for Payment" (hint: this option might be optional in your system).

Here you see "Prioritize Bank Accounts and Payment Method based on Amount". This can help you to put your standard bank on priority one for checks.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


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