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Payment Program Configuration

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Hello Experts,

I am in the process of configuring the payment for one Co Cd - Here are the steps i have done so far :

At FBZP - Enter the Co Cd, ( as the paying co cd is the same, entered the same there too), entered the country over there and the payment methods of that country, entered the payment methods of that co cd, and then the bank selection.

Practically i haven't yet set up the bank info, so for that i am guessing i need to create house banks - and then relate it to the various g/l accounts we have.

How do we configure the checks and other stuff..

any documentation/issues/other things i need to take care at this stage ??

All answers would be duly rewarded with points.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For configuring automatic payment program - you can follow the tabs sequentially as given in FBZP transaction code.

You need to configure Payment methods at country level and then at Company Code level. Payment medium program to be used / document types etc. should be updated at country level. At Company Code level, you have to enter the Form to be used minimum / maximum amount, foreign business partner etc.

In the next step define the House Bank and the GL Accounts. In the last step, you can configure Bank determination like ranking order, Available amnounts etc.

Check lots are configured in transaction code FCHI.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Creation of House Banks -

1. IMG-FA-Bank Accounting - Bank Accounts - Define House Banks

Enter Cocd

New Entries

House Bank <Any 4 char>


Bank key (Any number>

Click Create

Enter Bank name

Bank number (pref same as Bank key)


dbl lcikc 'Bank Account Folder'

New entries

Account ID <any 4 char Pref same as house bank?>


Bank Acct Number <actual Account number>


GL account Number <Bank GL number>


2. Go to FS00

Choose ur bank account in GL

In Create/bank/interest tab - mention house bank and account ID

Select Relevant to Cash flow



1. Tcode: FCHI

Give Cocd, house bank and acct ID

Click Change

Click Create

Lot number <Which check book..1st, 2nd...)

Check No: From & to

Select Non sequential

Short Text

Purchase Date



Other Tcodes:

Issue of check to vendor: FCH5

Making void check - FCH3

Void Issued check - FCH9

Check register - FCHN



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