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Payment Difference Configuration - Accounts Receivable

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I have the following configuration set for payment differences.

-OBA3: Customer / vendor tolerance: Amount: 5.00, Percent: 99.9%, Adjust discount by 1.00

- OBA4: Tolerances for Users: Amount: 10.00, Percent: 10%, Cash Discnt 10.00

- OBXL: Reason Code 01, GL account 600010

With these settings, in F-28 (post incoming payment transaction), I was able to clear a $100,000 customer invoice with a posting of just $50, with the residual item created using reason code 01.

The posting I get is

Cash - Dr 50

Expense Account 600010 (maintained in OBXL) DR 99,950

Customer u2013 Cr 100,000

Looks like the tolerance group setting is not working. It should not allow me to post a payment difference more than $5, as per the above setting. Can anyone let me know what is wrong with the settings? Should I look at anything else?



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I have this question too.

Also ,i have other question:

IN F-28,The invoice amount is 11000,than invoice payment is 10000;

set " cash discount" :550,"residual items":450

then "simulate" it , i got the result is:


PK BusA Acct EUR Amount Tax amnt

001 40 0000113100 Dte Bank (domestic) 10,000.00


003 40 0000880000 Customer discounts 478.47 47.85

004 15 RUYI GUANGZHOU RUYI TEXI 11,000.00-

005 50 0000280000 Gain-exch.rate diff 0.00

006 40 0000175000 Output tax 47.85


It's not my want ,so the result how can got it?

please help me , tks!!!

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Hello Ram,

Please review your tolerance customizing:

User Tolerences - OBA4

GL " - OBA0

Vendor/Customer - OBA3

Depending on the type of account you are trying to clear the system will

check the 'User' tolerences and GL or Vendor/Customer tolerences.

In each case you have to enter a value and a percentage, the system will

always go with the Smallest.



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Hi Ray,

OBA0 has the same setting too. $5 and 10%.

OBA3 and OBA4 have the settings as I stated in my original post. It should prevent me from clearing such a large difference under small payment difference. I am not sure why it is allowing me to clear.


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It must not happen...

Check which tolearce group is picked for this transaction....Null or other one....check the tolerance group mapped, if any, in the customer master...


Chintan Joshi