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Payment/Clearing Scenarios & Central Finance 3rd Party Interface

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My customer has a cleaning scenario, with a large volume, where historical AP and AR invoices are cleared by one payment document.

However, currently, SAP CFIN Third-Party system interface has the following scenarios:

  • Support a payment clearing multiple AR open items
  • Support a payment clearing multiple AP open items
  • Does not support a payment clearing both an AR open item and an AP open item with the same document.

In this mixed scenario (one payment to clear AP and AR invoices within the same document) as it is not supported and although the FI document is posted in CFIN, only the AR lines are cleared in SAP. A clearing document is only generated to clear AR invoices and the AP invoices remain as Open Items.

Have you experienced similar behavior in your projects where CFIN and Third-Party Interface is being used? If so, what solution have you applied in this case? Bear in mind my customer needs to clear multiple historical AP and AR invoices with one document.

Thank you.

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