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Patner determination for Vendor in S.T.O

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When i am creating inter-company S.T.O, I have created vendor with account group 0007(plants) but in patners function tab page i am not getting PF.

What PF i have to add for inter-company S.T.O in Patner determination .

Please some one help me.

Thank you,


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Answers (6)

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Dear Pranay,

You may try this. To enable getting PF, you may also need to check the flag "higher level" in partner scheme for this role according to the setting in the VN role.

Transaction SPRO

Materials Management >
Purchasing >
Partner Determination >
Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents >

Define Partner Schemas >
Partner Functions in Procedure


ian Wong Loke Foong

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- check in OMZ3 whether you assinged PF to account group.

- check in OMZ4 whether PF is included in the partner schema. also mark mandatory if you want

- check in OMZ5 whether you assigned that partner schema to account group. this ensure the PF will come in vendor master.

- Check in OMZ6 whether you create partner schema for purchasing document

- Check in OMZ7 whether you assigned the partner schema to document type.

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Thanks for helpful answers, actually i am a SD consultant i dont have an idea which patner functions are required and also procedure for creating PF for inter company STO . please help me .

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Actually you have different partner funtions as per business requirement which will be mapped in Customer / Vendor master.

SD - Standard partner functions

Sold to Party

Ship to party

Bill to part


As the other experts suggested above, create them and map


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What is PF represent for?

Generally  Partner functions for partner type vendor are following:

AZ-Alternative payee

OA- Ordering address



PI-Invoice presented by

CA-Contract address

GS-Goods supplier

DP-Delivering site

1. As you needed you can create new Partner function PF   in  following path

SPRO -> MM -> Purchasing -> Partner Determination -> partner roles -> Define partner roles

2. Add  Partner function PF to your account group (0007) in following path in  following path

SPRO -> MM -> Purchasing -> Partner Determination -> partner roles -> Permissible partner roles per account group

3.Create new Partner Schema ( ZSTO) and add  Partner function PF in it in  following path

SPRO -> MM -> Purchasing -> Partner Determination -> Partner setting in Vendor master record -> Define partner Schema

4. Assign partner schema(ZSTO) to vendor account Group (0007) in  following path:

SPRO -> MM -> Purchasing - > Partner Determination -> Partner setting in Vendor master record -> Assign partner schema to account Group.

5.  Also creates Partner Schema(ZST1) for STO PO(add  Partner function PF)  and assign STO document type in following path

SPRO -> MM  -> Purchasing  -> Partner Determination  -> Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents  ->  Assign Partner Schemas to Document Types


Assign STO document type to partner schemas ZST1 and save..

Now cretae a STO PO and  see how function PF  apperaing!


Biju K

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Further why you need the partner function for STO..? When all plants are under one company.

you better directly do the transaction. No need of Partner function. can you explain the business process??

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STO between plants belonging to same company or between plants belonging to different company codes?

if it is the first case (UB STO), then there is no automatic partner determination, as partner functions are tied to vendor masters.

for more see OSS note Note 117537 - ME27:No partner determination w.stock transp.orders (and as well the notes mentioned within this note)

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In XK02 t-code on purchaseing tab ,select extra from menu bar and then select addition purchasing data and then give plant there

Kailas Ugale

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Hi Pranay'

You need to assign the plant as vendor in Purchasing view in additional data. Hope this helps!