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Patch 2402 and 2402 HF1 cause crash in 'Item Master Data' 'Inventory Data' tab.

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When clicking on the 'Inventory Data' tab in Item Master Data, the app immediatly crashes and creates a dump.

We had been experiencing this before and found the issue to be resolved in 2311. 
2402 reintroduced the crash - pity.

The crash happens without apparent relation to the data, type of item, inventory level or any other definition we looked at and is immediate when clicking the tab. Strange, quality control should have noticed this easily.

Maybe somebody out there has more experience with the issue since it was already present in prior months.

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We are still running pl 2111, and I never experienced this issue. Your post is the first time I have heard of it.

Are you running any addons?

Do you use formatted searches on the Inventory tab?

Have you used the UI editing function to move fields to or from the Inventory tab?

Does this happen on all clients on all machines (including the server, if you are running your own hardware), and to all users?

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A few days ago we installed FP2405.

I could not find the bug in the release notes, but the issue has been resolved.

So anybody that is experiencing this crash, it is not caused by add-ons or any other external causes, but by some bug in SAP B1. FP2405 resolves the crash.