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Partner Source in Partner Determination

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In Partner determination at the sales documents header level there are columns - Source & origin Table, may i request you discuss the concept of the two.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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source partner function which serves as an alternative source for determining sold to party

if you don't specify and don't want the system to proipose a partner from the sold to party master record enter another partner function here the system will. propose the Sold to party from the master record of your partner function

Origin table

shows which table is used to determine the partner.

If the field is empty when creating a sales document (standard setting), the partner functions are determined from those partner functions given in the sold-to party customer master (Table KNVP). If the system can not determine all functions, it enters the number of the sold-to party (SP) for the remaining partner functions of partner type customer (KU).

Maintain this field if you want a specific partner to be determined that is not in the partner screen of the sold-to party master.

Use the following entries:

A - if a credit management partner function (e.g. CM) should be taken directly from the credit representative table (T024P). The credit representative must not then be created in the customer master.

For determining partners of partner type personnel

B - if functions should be taken from a customer hierarchy (Standard setting for customer hierarchy partners)

C - if you want to take the partner function exclusively from the partner screen entries in the customer master. If no partner is specified in the customer master for this function, it will not be used in the document. In this case you may have to extend the mandatory partner functions in the document manually.

As this setting can lead to incomplete documents, the functions SP, BP, PY and SH, which are not absolutely necessary for sales and distribution processing, are not used.

Determining partners of partner type customer

D - if the personnel number of the system user should be used as the function, e.g. for sales executives. This function is only carried out online, not in the background. Therefore you should not carry out this setting for mandatory partner functions.

Determining partners of partner type Personnel

E - if the partner function should be replaced with a contact person from the contact person screen for the corresponding partner (table KNVK). If another contact person has been specified on the partner screen than the one on the contact person screen, this is not copied into the document.

For determining partners of partner type contact person

F - if it should be possible to determine the contact partners not only from the contact person screen but also from the partner screen of the partner with the current source partner function.

Determining partners of partner type contact person

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