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Partner information in CO-PA derivation

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Dear SCN members,

we want to derive partner information from SD document within the CO-PA derviations for incoming sales orders.

We realized this with include ZXKKEU11 (enhancement COPA0001, exit EXIT_SAPLKEDRCOPA_001) as last step of KEDR derivations. We derive the partner from table VBPA.

It works fine whenever a SD document is created, but if we change the partner in SD document header, our user exit has not the actual data as in VBPA, but the old (not updated) state. We think that this is because the information in VBPA is not finally updated in the database when the userexit is running.

Is there any possibility to access the temporary SD information that contains the partner information before it is written into VBPA?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards


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we have meet the same issue, can you tell me how to resolve the problem?

and when you take the information ,you read the table vbpa or inner table xvbpa?