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Partner Functions??

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Can some body explain me about the Partner function and configuration for the same ?


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Partner Function

Partner Function is that vendoru2019s will act as a various business partners i.e. they play a different role.

Vendor - VN Ordering Address - OA

Goods Supplier - GS Invoice Presented by - ID Forwarding Agent - FA

Plants - DP

(i) Define Partner Roles - OMZ1

(ii) Define Permissible Partner Roles per Account Group - OMZ3

(iii) Partner Settings in Vendor Master Record - OMZ4

Define Partner Schemas - OMZ4

Assign Partner Schemas to Account Groups i.e Pur. Org. level, sub-range & Plant level - OMZ5

(iv) Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents - OMZ6-

Define Partner Schemas for Standard PO, STPO & Contracts - OMZ6

Assign Partner Schemas to Document Types i.e RFQ, PO, Contract & Scheduling agreement - OMZ7

Vendor Master

Vendor: Business Partner from whom materials or service can be procured.

MK01 u2013 it will create under Purchase Organisation u2013 Only General & Pur. Org. screen will appear in Vendor Master.

- It tells One time Vendor Account

- Based on Account Group

- Number ranges for Vendor

- Field Status

- Partner Determination

XK01- It will create under CoCd & Purchase Organization - General Data, CoCd Data, and Pur. Org. Data

Account Type:

- Asset Accounts

- Customer Accounts

- Vendor Accounts

- G/L Accounts

Reconciliation Account:

The Reconciliation Account in G/L accounting is the account, which is updated parallel to the Sub-ledger acct. for normal postings. ex. Invoice or Payment.

Tolerance Group:

Tolerance Group represents amounts or percentages by which receivables may be underpaid or overpaid.

INCO Terms:

Commonly used trading term that with the stds. established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

INCO Term specify certain internationally recognized procedures that the shipper and the receiving party must follow for the shipping transaction to be successfully completed.

Payment Term (OBB8): Arrangement made with a business partner governing financial statement with respect to goods supplied and services performed.

Vendor Sub-Range:

A sub-division of the full range of products offered by a vendor.

(e.g. Vendor Smith in Houston has two sub-ranges Paint & Glue

- All Materials from the u2018Paintu2019 sub-range are ordered in Houston.

- You have maintained an alternative Ordering Address in Detroit for the u2018Glueu2019 sub-range.

- If you order material from the u2018Glueu2019 sub-range, the Vendor sub-range finds the Detroit ordering address)