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partner bank type field missing in payment proposal list

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Hi Gurus,

The partner bank type field is not being displayed in payment proposal list whereas I can display the same in vendor line item display. Though there is a field named BnkT in the proposal list the partner bank type is not displayed. Kindly advice me in this regard.


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Answers (2)

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Check this link.........


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Please note the system selects the bank with the lowest BVTYP.

This means that a bank which has no BVTYP will be selected first,

then one with AAAA, then BBBB. This is the reason why the partner

bank which you expected was not chosen.

Please read the F1 help for this field which explains the main purpos

of this field:

F1 Help:

In the business partner's master record:

If several bank accounts exist in a customer or vendor master

record, you can assign different keys for these accounts.

In the item:

To use a particular bank of the business partner for the payment

an item, enter the appropriate key in the item. The payment prog

then pays the item via the business partner's predefined bank.

Here you can enter, for example a number, 0001.

Then, when you post a document with the transaction FB01 or F-42, you

can display the field 'Partner bank type' (BSEG-BVTYP). Here you can

write the number 0001 or another number for another bank of the same

vendor. Afterwards, you can post this document.

Also, you can use Business Transaction Event (Open-FI) 00001810 to

implement your own algorithm to select a bank. For details, see the

documentation of the sample function module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001810.

Also review below notes in the same context about "F110: partner bank


363219 - F110: Wrong partner bank after proposal run maintnc

390740 - F110: partner bank type not in clearing line of payment doc

Hope this clarifies the system behaviour.