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Partial settlement not reversing accruals in Settlement Management -sales rebate

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I have configured a contract Type ZS01 as copy of standard 0S01-sales rebate contract type. Created two conditions ZRA1 for accruals and ZRS1 for settlement and defined these in condition contract.

ZRA1 is defined in sales pricing procedure and in invoices ,accruals are posted. So no issue here.

Did the following settings in the below config to populate REA2 during partial settlement.

Created delta accrual too in WB2R_SC and RED2 is populated in settlement document for delta accruals. we have accruals in invoices too.

Now When running partial settlement , settlement document has ZRS1 for settlement but condition type REA2 for accrual reversals is not getting populated. Can anyone inform why rebate accruals reversal REA2 is not getting populated in partial settlement document ?

Config snapshot for condition group for accruals-ZS01

Config snapshot for Contract type ZS01 settlement settings

Partial settlement document has ZRS1 rebate settlement condition type but no REA2-reversal accruals condition is triggered. why ? Based on condition accrual group config above , REA2 should trigger in partial settlement !!

Delta accrual settlement document has RED2 condition type which is correct.

Customer invoice has Accruals condition type ZRA1 to post accruals which is ok.

Condition contract ZS01 has ZRA1-accruals and ZRS1 settlement condition type



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We got this moderation alert regarding your question:

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I removed it accordingly.



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Hi, Can you share Pricing Procedures for your Sales Rebates that about the contract Type ZS01(Delta accrual and Partial settlement). Thank you very much! We used the Standard Pricing Procedures:A10005、A10006 but not work. We hope you can help. Thanks!