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partial closing of DCGR

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Hi all,

I have the follow situation:

10 different GRs under vendor ABC and their DCGRs under vendor DEF were posted on a Purchase Order.

I received and posted all the IR-Ls from vendor ABC; but received and posted only 8 on 10 DCIn from vendor DEF.

So I still have 2 DCGR open.

One of these 2 DCGR is wrong (service was done by a different vendor).

Is there a possibility to close only one of these two DCGRs before posting last DCin?

Deleting with MIGO is not possible as GRs are already matched to their IR-Ls.

I tried to close DCGR with MR11 but I can only close both DGCR together.

Is there another way I can try?


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