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partial billing

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i done partial billing. my delivery qty is 10 but billed for 5 qty . what will happens for remaining qtyies. still i have a chance to bill or it automatically update in G/L a/c. how it will update qties ?

please send me urgent



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

We always create the Billing Doc with refrence to some doc ( May it be delivery or Sales Order).

And thru copy control Qty is flowing from refernce doc to Billing doc . And generally while copying to billing Doc we keep qty field disabled so that one should not chnage the Billing qty because this is a loss to company.( as u are supplying 10 qty and billing for 5 ).

Hope this clarify.

Yes Invoice split is definately possible but that is a different scenerio in which there is a mismatch between ( Bill to party ) Incoterm , payemnet term at item level and header level.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Murali

You can do billing <b>ONLY</b> for the quantity for which PGI is done.

When you post goods issue for an outbound delivery, the following functions are carried out on the basis of the goods issue document:

=> Warehouse stock of the material is reduced by the delivery quantity

=> Value changes are posted to the balance sheet account in inventory accounting

=> Requirements are reduced by the delivery quantity

=>The serial number status is updated

=> Goods issue posting is automatically recorded in the document flow

=> Stock determination is executed for the vendor's consignment stock

=> A worklist for the proof of delivery is generated

=> A worklist for the proof of delivery is generated

After goods issue is posted for an outbound delivery, the scope for changing the delivery document becomes very limited. This prevents there being any discrepancies between the goods issue document and the outbound delivery


G. Lakshmipathi