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Partial Billing over different Tax?

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I have a sales order, that have suppose 2 partial deliveries, one in the month of May and other is in month of june.

In May VAT is of 4%

In June VAT is of 5%

after the first delivery, the sales order block any changes in Conditions.

then how it is possible to change the VAT to 5% for the 2nd delivery, coz we are not able to change any condition in sales order.

can we change the conditions during Billing Document creation?

please help, it is too much importment to me.

thanke and regards,

vishal singh

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Answers (3)

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thanks sdn.....

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As already suggested, if in your copy control VTFL, for your item category against the field Pricing Type, if you have maintained G, system will take care of tax implications. On the other hand, if you have maintained any other value there, then system will not fetch the new tax automatically. You have to click "Update" button in condition tab

But, this is not the right approach. Either you have to change the pricing date in all existing sale orders or create a new sale order so that this tax implication will be taken care of by the sytem itself.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Please check the whether the pricing type in VTFL ( copy control ) is G for that item category? Because based on this the pricing will be redone during invoice creation.

You can redo the pricing in the billing doc provided its not released to accounting , if released then you will have to cancel and recreate the billing doc