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Parameter rdisp/core_file_size value to be changed

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Dear Experts, we have a Netweaver 7.5 system. Here one of the Parameter is rdisp/core_file_size. In my system by default the parameter value is "default",but I didn't get any information regarding the size of Default value.If i want to change this parameter how much maximum I can assign . I wasn't find any document related this in Market place. Please give me inputs regarding this parameters like Snote numbers.Thanks in Advance.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Pratap,

Access the transaction RZ11, type the parameter name there and click at the "documentation" icon.

There, you will see:

This parameter controls the soft limit of the 'core file size', which is documented in the manpage of ulimit of your system:

  • 'default' does not change the core file size and the initial value, inherited from the parent process, will be kept.
  • 'unlimited' sets the core file size to unlimited size, it is not possible to use the system specific numeric value of unlimited.
  • Positive numeric values set the the core file size to the specified value.