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parallel sequence - scheduling operation

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when I was creating parallel sequence in routing I was faced with problem in scheduling operation.

After making a routing with parallel sequence, which are executing on the others work centers, system doesn't take into consideration the fact that order is divided on for example two work centers ( parallel sequence ! ).

How to divide the time of operations for equal parts ( or different proportion ) in two work centers.

Please help me solvede this problem.


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The logic of parallel sequence is bit different from what you expect.

The parallel sequence is the sequence of operations which runs parellel to main sequnce.

But you can use it to serve your purpose.

After creating the parallel sequence in the routing, select the standard sequence, click on operation.

In operations overview, select the desired operations & follow path, 'Details'-- 'operations' or press F6.

In the operation details screen, under 'Unit of measure conversion', maintain value against 'Header' as 1 & against 'Operation' as 0.5 (if you want to divide the value equally).

Navigate with the arrows in the upper left & maintain these settings for the desired operation.

Now click on 'Sequnces'.

Select the parallel sequnce & repeat the above given procedure for the desired operations in the parallel sequences aslo.

Now whenever the order will be created, the order quantity will be divided equally on the sequences & accordingly scheduling will yake place.

Hope this helps you.


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pls use the SPLIT in the routing or the quota arrangement.