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parallel sequence in Routing

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Dear Guru,

I had gone through several threads in SCN about for getting the clear idea about how to assign parallel sequence.  But got different ideas from different thread.  So am little bit confused.

1.  Can any one tell me about how to assign the Parallel Sequence for operation 10,20,30,40,50.  Here 20 & 30 are parallel to each other.  So how can we map in the system.

2.  How is alternative sequence work.  How we can choose whether we want alternative or original sequence during the operation process.  How system choose the operation.

Thanks & Regards,

Arvind S

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Hii Arivind,

Is this the scenario like as i have shown in the picture ?

Then first create an standard sequence of having operation 10, 20 40, 50

and then create a parallel sequence of having single operation 30 and make return operation to 40. where you can also assign whether earliest time consumption has to consider or the latest time  .

Parallel sequences are overlap of operations which enables you to process several operations at the same time.



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Ok, but how will the po look like? And how should these parallel operations be notified?