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Parallel material valuation

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Hello colleagues,

Current situation is that all materials in all legal entities are valued and standard price but for some of these we require that materials are valued @ moving average prices.

That means that in any given time we need a report that shows us the materials @ moving average price.

Moving average price is material costs + customs duties/fees + freight + warehousing + brokerage.

What are you suggestions on how to deal with such situation? CO-PC? Additional FI postings? u2026 ?

Material ledger is out of the question as it turns out its too complex to implement and support if you can prove me wrong.

Thank you for your input!

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Answers (3)

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Be clear on your question.

1. whether you want the material should be valauted at MAP and also Standard price. - This is not possible. You can to have one only.

But if you maintain standard price, system automatically calculated the MAP but uses only STD price in evaluations.

2. If you want a report - this can be done by using report S_P00_07000139 as suggested by Patil

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Check in report S_P00_07000139 it will solve your problem.

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As per me we can valuated material with moving average price or stander price ,not by both

you can change your price control but it will effect your valuation

OR you can change your material price in MR21

or there are another way you can go with split valuation to valuated material with different price

check following link



Kailas Ugale